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About Globed

Globed is an unofficial third-party modification for Geometry Dash that adds multiplayer capabilities to the game, allowing you to see other players and play levels with them.

Globed has built-in voice chat support (along with Promixity Chat), which can be disabled from the Globed settings menu.



Is Globed free?

Yes, Globed is 100% free. However, donations are much appreciated, as they allow us to continue development!


Is this official?

No, Globed is not an official part of Geometry Dash nor affiliated with RobTop Games. The mod is fully fan-made by other passionate GD players.


Can I get Globed on iOS?

Globed is not available on iOS, as Geode can't support it. There are no plans to port the mod to iOS at this time.


The game crashes a lot!

This can be due to Globed, or due to some other mod. Please report the bug on the Globed Discord server.